Differences Between Moscow and Vladimir

March 3, 2010 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, first off, there are way too many differences to count, but here are some major ones.

Moscow is a very strange mix of Western and Russian styles.  It did not feel like a real Russian city because there were too many foreigners, too many people who spoke English, and too many American things.  The people who spoke English refused to speak Russian with us.  People in Moscow were also generally much ruder than the people in Vladimir.  Vladimir is very authentically Russian because it is hundreds upon hundreds of years old, and it is a smaller city.  Very few people in Vladimir speak English well, and next to none of them have met a native English speaker.  Russian culture is also much more prevelant in Vlad.  It is not easy to find anything here that is remotely American.  The people in the Moscow group also said that they felt their host families were more in it for the money than because they wanted to get to know the students.  All of the host families in Vladimir absolutely adore us, and are very interested about our lives in America.  I also noticed how much Russian I get from living with a host family.  Even though I only lived in the Moscow dorm for a couple days, I noticed that I seldom spoke Russian in Moscow.  With a host family, I am forced to speak Russian everyday outside of class, and I can tell that it really helps my ability with the language.  I also have to speak Russian in Vladimir if I want to buy something or need to inquire about something because people only speak Russian here.  In Moscow, people will switch to English the second they realize you’re American (which is almost always the second they look at you).  Moscow was definitely a beautiful city and I had a really good time there, but I am really glad that I am in Vladimir.  I highly recommend going to a smaller city in Russia is you want a full immersion.


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