Moscow Day 3

March 3, 2010 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

On Saturday, both the Moscow and Vladimir groups went on a bus tour of the city.  John got us a bus again, and he was the tour guide because he has lived in Moscow for fifteen years, and knows the city really well.  The Moscow group went also because they are accustomed to taking the metro, and so they didn’t actually know the layout of the city above ground.  We went all over (pictures of everything on facebook).  A lot of people thought it was boring, but I thought it was very interesting because we got to see the whole city.  We found out that it is traditional for Russian brides and grooms to go to important landmarks in their city after their wedding ceremony and take pictures.  This explains why I always see Russian wedding parties at the Golden Gate in Vladimir.

After the tour, most of the Vladimir group went with Kelly to the souvenier market on the outskirts of the city.  It was a really big market and it was interesting to see all the things people sold.  Jeff wanted to buy a fur hat, so we bargained with the seller and managed to get the price down to 800 rubles, which is about twenty six dollars.  However, in the end Jeff decided to buy a beautiful chess set instead.  I only bought a Russian-painted barrette because I want to buy most of my souveniers from Vladimir.  There were a lot of scarves, painted boxes, and such things.  However, down one aisle we saw one stand selling guns and another selling surgical tools…

Afterwards we split up and Jeff, Courtney, and I went to go find a café near the place that we were meeting for dinner.  We ended up walking about a mile and half down a road with zero cafes in a blizzard.  Finally, we turned back and went back to the metro station and walked in the opposite direction.  Of course we immediately found a café.  We sat there until it was time to meet for dinner.

We went to a Mexican restaurant called Pancho Villa, only to be informed that there was no room for us.  For whatever reason, they only took one reservation per night.  So we made a reservation for the next night and found a sushi place instead.  The sushi was delicious.  When Jeff’s food came, it was moving slightly, and he thought it was still alive.  Of course, it only looked like it was moving because it was so hot.  Jeff also made the mistake of ordering teryaki rice balls for desert because he thought it was ice cream.

At this point, Suzanne had told us that she wasn’t coming to Moscow after all.  She was originally going to come late because she had a meeting Thursday night when we were all leaving.  But now she wasn’t coming at all, so I got to move into Erin’s room where Suzanne was supposed to stay.  Thank god I got away from my roommate, and I finally got some sleep.


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