Some Observations

March 3, 2010 at 12:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Young Russian women have the ability to walk through snow and ice with 4-6 inch heels, and they all do.  We believe this is why all the women in Russia lock arms when they walk.  They need to stand up somehow.

There is a free ice skating rink in the middle of our apartment complex, and I often see kids coming out of their apartment doors with their skates on and shooshing across the little road.

There are very few strollers in the winter.  Parents pull their children around in little sleds.  Children in the winter resemble puffballs.

Children as young as 7 smoke cigarettes.

There are many stray dogs here that beg for food.  In Moscow these dogs are more like wolves than dogs in both appearance and manner.  They travel in packs in the center city, and some even know how to take the metro.

In Vladimir, a lot of store names and paper ads are in English, despite the fact that almost no one here can speak English, and almost none have met a native English speaker.  We are quite the celebrities.

Bus drivers drive like maniacs.  You always have to hang on because buses weave through traffic like motorcycles and will screech to a halt at any moment.  I once saw a bus drive up on the sidewalk to get around a car.

The pigeons here are the fattest birds I have ever seen.

Mullets and rat-tails are popular hairstyles for men of all ages.  Even businessmen who wear suits all the time.

Fanny packs are all the rage.  Except people wear them across their shoulders.

If food doesn’t have sour cream on it, it has mayonnaise.

You can buy alcohol anywhere, even in the movie theaters.  There is a law against drinking in public, but no one cares.  Most men drink on the streets.

Nobody drinks plain water.  It is a very American thing to do.  The most common beverages are tea, coffee, and vodka.

Transporter 2 is a very popular movie on TV.

I have seen dried fish skin snacks located next to Mars Bars, Milky Ways, and other candies.


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