Russian Orthodox Easter

April 16, 2010 at 2:06 pm (Uncategorized)

The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter for a week.  Russians all make what we named, “Jesus Cakes,” because they often write “Jesus” on them.  They make at least seven of them.  Russians tell us that these cakes are made out of a special bread that lasts seven days.  It does not.  By the end of the week, these cakes could have been used as weapons.

On Easter Sunday every church started ringing its bells every hour beginning at two a.m.  There are over one hundred churches in Vladimir.

In the afternoon on Easter Sunday priests, monks, and nuns come out of the Cathedral and Monestary and give sermons at the Golden Gate.  They then have a procession back to the Cathedral or Monestary.  Jeff, Emily, and I saw the Monestary procession.  They started at the Golden Gate, but the military messed it up because they were marching too fast for the old priests.  One priest came tearing out of the Gate yelling, “STOP!  STOP, STOP.”  He halted the procession and they had to start again.  We watched the parade file out, and then we all followed them into the Monestary.  Then we left.


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